Cuttin' through the fields like deer, Heading for the keg o' beer...
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The Eerie Hash House Harriers do not follow a strict, or really any, schedule. We used to hash every other Saturday and on the full moon, and that would be a noble goal to attain once again. For now, we hash when we can, when someone claims a date and throws flour! If you are cumming in from out of town, we will do our best to set a trail for the occasion, or at least hook up for drinking practice!

Since we are too lame to hare our own trails, here are two travel-worthy destination hashes:

Saturday, July 18 
  Pittsburgh H3 Red Dress Run
    Hares: ManGurglar, Major Pecker,     Tight Embouchure

Saturday, August 15
  Cleveland H4 Kelley's Island Hash
    Hare: Island Inbred

Saturday, Octobeer 31
Eerie Halloween
Details Forthcumming

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