Cuttin' through the fields like deer, Heading for the keg o' beer...
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The Eerie Hash House Harriers do not follow a strict, or really any, schedule. We used to hash every other Saturday and on the full moon, and that would be a noble goal to attain once again. For now, we hash when we can, when someone claims a date and throws flour! If you are cumming in from out of town, we will do our best to set a trail for the occasion, or at least hook up for drinking practice!

Saturday, Febeerury 13th
Valentine's Day Hash and Dolly's B-Day
Hare: Schlabo and Swings Both Ways
Details: Here

Saturday, Febrewery 20th
Pinchy's Beerthday Hash
Hares: Pinch-A-Loaf and Soggy Box
Details: 2:00; 10160 Route 6N, Albion-on, PA
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Monday, Febrewery 22th
The Snow Full Moon
Hare: Tender Vittles

Saturday, March 5th
Hares: Swings Both Ways and Schlabotnick

Saturday, March 19th
22nd Anal St. Paddy's Day Hash
and Menage Blow's 65th Beerthday
Hare: Menage Blow
Ashley's Tavern, Spartansburg; 2:00

Wednesday, March 23rd
The Worm Full Moon
Hares: Fishy and Swings

Saturday, April 9th
Swings' Beerthday Hash
Hares: Swings Both Ways and Safety Slit

Friday, April 22nd
The Pink Full Moon
Hare: Rhino Balls

Saturday, May 14th
Hare: Virgin Cockstalker

Saturday, May 21st
The Flower Full Moon
Hare: Tender Vittles

June 3-5: Pittsburgh Weekend

Monday, June 20th
The Strawberry Full Moon
Hare: Cumz Alone

July 1-3: Eerie Weekend

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